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  an innovative approach to funding  

Navigating the landscape of business financing may seem daunting, but choosing the right model can transform your growth trajectory. Discover the potential of Revenue Based Financing with our comprehensive guides and expert advice below.

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Discover If Revenue Based Financing Is Right for You...

Find out whether your company is suited for Revenue Based Financing. Complete the eligibility check and get closer to realizing your business goals.

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 What is Revenue   Based Funding? 

Ever wish you could get an advance on your cashflow forecast? Well, businesses can with revenue-based financing!


Let's say a company is doing great, with steady revenue flowing in each month. But they need more money now to supercharge growth or kick off new projects, and they're not willing to part with equity.

Enter revenue-based financing. It's like a financial espresso, where a lender fronts the company some money, in return, the company agrees to share a slice of their revenue with the lender each month, until a certain amount (the initial advance plus a fee) is paid back.

The power of this system? The company's monthly payment adjusts based on how much money they're making. If they hit a home run with lots of revenue, they'll pay back more. If it's a slower month, they'll pay back less. This can be a game-changer for growing businesses, especially those with seasonal ups and downs.


  Equity Preservation  

Founders retain the equity and control in their business, enjoying the full benefits of the company's growth.

  Flexible Repayments  

Revenue-based financing offers flexible repayments that adjust with a business's monthly revenues, proving beneficial especially for businesses with seasonal income variations..

 Quick Access to Capital 

RBF can provide a faster avenue to raise capital compared to traditional financing methods. The application process is usually streamlined, and funding can be received within a week on average.


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 We're Your Growth   Partners Every   Step of the Way 

At Get Inizio, we believe in creating thriving partnerships that propel your business forward. Our mission is to make financing simpler, smarter, and more accessible for you. With our expertise, we've helped countless businesses unlock their growth potential. Get Inizio - your partner for flexible, fair, and transparent financing.

  • What is revenue-based financing (RBF)?
    RBF is a type of funding where a business agrees to share a percentage of future revenue with an investor in exchange for capital upfront.
  • How is RBF different from traditional loans or equity financing?
    Unlike traditional loans, RBF repayments fluctuate based on monthly revenues. Unlike equity financing, it doesn't involve giving up company ownership.
  • Who is eligible for RBF?
    Typically, businesses with steady revenue streams, high growth potential, and high gross margins are best suited for RBF.
  • How much can I borrow with RBF?
    The amount varies but is generally linked to your business's monthly revenues and growth prospects. A good rule of thumb is 1-2x your monthly revenue.
  • How are the repayment terms set?
    Repayments are typically a fixed percentage of monthly revenues, continuing until a predetermined total repayment amount is met.
  • What if my business has a slow month?
    If revenues are lower in a given month, your repayment will also be lower, offering flexibility to manage business fluctuations.
  • Does RBF require personal guarantees or collateral?
    Typically, RBF does not require personal guarantees or specific assets as collateral, unlike traditional loans.
  • What kind of businesses can benefit from RBF?
    Businesses with high gross margins and consistent revenue—like software, service businesses, or subscription models—can benefit most from RBF.
  • How long is the RBF process?
    The time can vary but it's generally faster than traditional financing methods. After application, it can take a few weeks to receive funding.
  • Can I opt for RBF if I have existing debt or equity investors?
    Yes, you can. However, the terms of your existing agreements and the consent of your current investors or lenders may influence this decision.
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